Self Employed Mortgage


Self Employed Mortgage

Looking for a self employed mortgage lender? Yes Plan Financial offers first and second mortgages for self employed people in Edmonton or anywhere else in Alberta. We provide fast mortgage approvals when you apply for a Yes Plan self employed mortgage.

Being self employed can be a hassle when it comes to getting a first or second mortgage. Some financial institutions require more paperwork, more documentation and more justification from someone who is self employed. At Yes Plan we understand self employed entrepreneurs and will guide you to a successful self employed mortgage.

Mortgages for self employed Albertans

Self employed business people generally fall into two categories when it comes to a self employed mortgage. Some people who are self employed have a couple of main customers they rely on for the majority of their income. Other self employed businesses are more diversified and rely on numerous customers for their income. Either way, Yes Plan Financial can help you with a self employed mortgage.

Every financial situation is different when putting together a first or second self employed mortgage. We know the pitfalls and how to maximize the equity in your property. We have mortgage lenders who lend strictly on your home equity. Yes Plan also offers related business loans like equipment financing and leasing. Our goal is to get you approved as fast as possible, with the best rate and terms possible on a self employed mortgage.

Self Employed and need a Mortgage?

Then give us a call and a Yes Plan mortgage expert can put together the mortgage you need. Find out why self employed people in Edmonton and Alberta come to Yes Plan for a self employed mortgage.

Instead of stressing out, give us a call now and a Yes Plan mortgage expert will be able to give a quick estimate on how much you are eligible to borrow. You can also use our simple application for a self employed mortgage.
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