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Yes Plan Financial is an online lender based in Edmonton for first and second mortgages in Alberta. With Yes Plan, you can get a loan or mortgage online while sitting on your couch. We offer low rates, fast approvals, flexible terms and fast funding on all our mortgages. If you reside in Alberta then you are eligible for a Yes Plan Financial low interest mortgage.

Online Mortgages

Yes Plan Financial offers a wide selection of mortgage options for Albertans. We are an Alberta based lender and we know the mortgage market in Alberta. Our mortgage experts ready to negotiate a lower interest rate on your next mortgage.

Yes Plan Financial finances good and bad credit mortgages online. Whatever shape your financial circumstances may be in, odds are we have your solution. We are a high volume online lender because we get results where other lenders fail. If you have bruised credit you should apply to Yes Plan fast approval on a low rate mortgage.

Online Second Mortgage

In regards to lending second mortgages, Yes Plan Financial has numerous mortgage plans to cover all types of financial situations. A private lender like Yes Plan has a lot more flexibly than a traditional mortgage lender. Private mortgage lenders do not have multiple approval levels, which is why our approvals are so fast when you apply for a second mortgage.

We have private lenders who will lend up to 95% of the loan to value on a mortgage. A private second mortgage lender also offers more flexibility when it comes to terms. Yes Plan Financial tailors a second mortgage to your finances and situation. Fast approvals and quick funding is the main reason why Albertans go online to Yes Plan Financial for a second mortgage.

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Donít hesitate or stall, give Yes Plan Financial a call for your next mortgage. Let our professionals do the leg work and get you the lowest rate possible on your next first or second mortgage. You can also use our free no obligation online application for a mortgage.
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