Mortgage Pre Approval


Mortgage Pre Approval

A mortgage pre approval or getting pre approved for a home loan can boost your bargaining power. Mortgage pre approval puts you in front of the line when buying your next or first home because you are in a position to buy now. Time is usually a big factor when a home is up for sale at a fantastic price. Yes Plan Financial offers mortgage pre approvals in Edmonton and anywhere else in Alberta. Be prepared should you find a super deal with a mortgage pre approval.

There are many advantages that come with a mortgage pre approval. Peace of mind comes with being pre approved. Pre approval eliminates the worry of getting approved and how much you can borrow. Instead of guessing, you know exactly what you can and cannot do with a mortgage pre approval.

Mortgage Pre Approval with Yes Plan

Yes Plan Financial will guide you through the pre approval process. We have private mortgage lenders that fund good and bad credit mortgages. A Yes Plan broker will be able to provide a payment and lending range with your pre approval.

Once you find the home you are looking for the rest is easy with a Yes Plan Financial mortgage pre approval. You simply let us know you are ready to act on your pre approval and we take care of the details and paper work. It is literally this simple when you have a Yes Plan mortgage pre approval.

Smart Home Buyers get pre approved

Smart home buyers know that great deals do not last long. The savvy home buyer gets pre approved and is ready to pounce when the right deal comes along. Usually the better the price, the shorter the time frame to close, as the seller is anxious to sell. While other potential buyers are scrambling for financing, you are ready to buy now with your Yes Plan mortgage pre approval.

Mortgage pre approval allows you to concentrate on buying your new home without the worry of getting financing. A pre approval also provides a price range so you won’t waste time on trying to buy a home you cannot afford. Knowing your price range helps focus your search for a new home. If you are just starting to look for a new home then you definitely should get pre approved.

Ready to get pre approved?

Give us a call and a Yes Plan Financial professional is ready to help you get pre approval. You can also get things rolling with our fast application for mortgage pre approval.
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