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Home Renovation Mortgage

A home renovation mortgage is the same as a secured loan for home improvement in Alberta. Yes Plan Financial is based in Edmonton and we offer low interest rate home renovation mortgage loans anywhere in Alberta. There are two main reasons why you should consider Yes Plan Financial for your home renovation mortgage.

Home owners usually know exactly what renovations they want to make before they apply for a home renovation mortgage. Contractors have been lined up and all that is needed is the money or funding to actually start their renovation. With inflation, the longer it takes to get approved and funded on a mortgage, the more materials cost for the renovation. We understand the concept that time is money. Yes Plan Financial offers fast approvals and quick funding when you get a home renovation mortgage.

Some home owners want to renovate their home to get a higher price when they sell. In this case a short term and-or interest only mortgage may be the solution. We provide renovation mortgages that are tailored to our customerís specific need. Yes Plan Financial has private lenders that are flexible when it comes to terms on your home renovation mortgage.

Private Home Renovation Mortgages

Yes Plan Financial has an extensive network of private lenders who specialize in funding mortgages. We offer mortgages for home owners who have good or bad credit. Home renovation mortgage loans are just one type of mortgage we offer. Many of our competitors have managerial layer upon managerial layer before they can approve a mortgage. With Yes Plan Financial you are dealing direct with private lenders who want to fund your home renovation mortgage.

Our private lenders also know the Alberta home mortgage market. They know how much a renovation will increase the value of a home. They have the financial resources to immediately fund your home renovation mortgage.

Need a Home Renovation Mortgage?

Then you should pick up your phone and give us a call. A dedicated Yes Plan Financial broker can guide you from point A to point B on your renovation mortgage. You can also start your way to funding with our quick application for a home renovation mortgage.
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