First Mortgages


First Mortgages

First mortgages are available at preferred rates with our private and multiple 1st mortgage lenders. Yes Plan Financial is based in Edmonton and our multiple lenders and private lenders fund second and first mortgages anywhere in Alberta. There are many advantages that come with our Alberta and Edmonton first mortgages.

Our mortgage lenders have more flexibility than your traditional lending institutions have with first mortgages. Our first mortgage lenders span from large investment companies to wealthy individuals. Our lenders are looking to fund first mortgages, as their return on investment is far greater than the current interest rates. We often have several lenders competing to fund some first mortgages.

Another advantage is our mortgage lenders know the economies of Edmonton and Alberta. Our lenders are very active in Alberta and not sitting in some desk in Toronto. They have a lot of experience with the local industries and the local market for Alberta and Edmonton first mortgages.

First Mortgages at Great Rates

If you are shopping for a first mortgage then you definitely consider Yes Plan Financial first mortgages. We have private lenders who are eager to fund first mortgages. We approve and fund faster than most of the mortgage lenders out there. Yes Plan Financial provides fast clean first mortgages.

If you are looking to refinance your present first mortgage you should consider Yes Plan Financial. Instead of just renewing give us a call and the odds are you will save a lot of money. We offer low competitive rates and terms on mortgages. We are a full service mortgage broker company and we take care of the details. We do things right the first time. Reliability is another advantage of our Alberta and Edmonton first mortgages.

Low First Mortgage Rates

We get our mortgage customers the best possible rates based on their financial situation. Having an intimate knowledge of the Alberta and Edmonton mortgage markets means we can provide fast rate quotes and approvals. It is definitely worthwhile to see how much you can save with our private first mortgages.

A Yes Plan Financial professional is standing by to help save you time and money. Get the best rates possible with a quick call. You can also get a quick rate with our fast application for first mortgages.
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