Consolidation Mortgages


Consolidation Mortgages

Consolidation mortgages or mortgage debt consolidation loans with Yes Plan. Consolidating debt into mortgage payments saves money by reducing interest rates and lowering your monthly payments. Consolidating higher interest debt into one lower interest consolidated loan is the main benefit of consolidation mortgages. Yes Plan Financial is located in Edmonton and we offer Alberta consolidation mortgages. We offer a wide range of different types of mortgage solutions including consolidation mortgages.

Are you being harassed by creditors and haunted by overdue bills?

Consolidation mortgages operate on a simple concept. When you consolidate your debt into one loan it will lower the interest rates you are paying. Lower interest rate mortgages translate into lower monthly payments and peace of mind.

Consolidation Mortgages with Yes Plan

High interest loans like credit cards can increase monthly payments to the point where it affects your ability to function financially. If you have noticed that the principal balance of your different loans never seem to drop, it is because of the high interest rates on these loans. If this scenario sounds familiar then your best solution is Yes Plan consolidation mortgages.

Consolidation mortgages consolidate all your smaller, higher interest debt and multiple payments into one lower interest loan payment. Racking up a pile of smaller debts is very easy to do without realizing how much interest you are actually paying every month. For many people the only way to get off the debt roller coaster is with a consolidation mortgage.

Consolidation Mortgages are a logical solution

In many cases it takes people a long time before a mountain of high interest debt takes over their lives. Mortgage loans are the easiest way to stop the madness. Yes Plan Financial can combine all your high interest debt and turn it into one simple, lower interest rate loan. Lower interest rates and a lower monthly payment are why most people take out consolidation mortgages .

Instead of being buried every month by a stack of monthly payments that is eaten away by high interest rates, look at the logical solution, consolidation mortgages.

Ready to Consolidate and save money?

Then you should consider Yes Plan mortgages. Yes Plan Financial is located in Edmonton Alberta. We provide Albertans with car loans, title Loans, first mortgages, second mortgages, home renovation loans and of course, consolidation mortgages.

Give us a call and a Yes Plan Financial mortgage expert can show you how we can save you money. You can also start on your way to saving money with our simple and fast application for Alberta consolidation mortgages.


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